About Oide

Who we are

Oide, as a new organisation, will harness the strengths of the existing support services, providing the same type of high-quality professional learning supports and services as provided by CSL, JCT, NIPT and PDST.

Along with bringing together all the valuable resources, expertise, and efficient operating systems currently in place across the existing services, Oide will also be able to deploy other innovative and creative approaches to the provision of school support, and professional learning for teachers and school leaders, to meet the future needs of Ireland’s primary, post-primary and special schools, and other centres for education

What do we do

The vision for the new integrated support service, Oide, is to support the professional learning of teachers and school leaders in Ireland through the development of high quality, innovative and responsive professional learning that enables them to meet the educational needs of all learners in a changing world.

Oide, as an organisation, will subscribe to national and international best practice. It will engage positively with all relevant stakeholders, including building on and developing existing partnerships, such as those that exist presently with school leadership stakeholders, to achieve the best possible outcomes for schools, school leaders, teachers, and learners. Oide will work hard to establish itself as a listening, highly responsive and future-proofed organisation that is well placed to introduce a more streamlined communications channel between itself and all schools, ensuring that both the varied and individual needs of schools are efficiently catered for.

The name Oide

The name Oide has been chosen for the newly integrated support service which will support the professional learning needs of all primary and post-primary school leaders and teachers in Ireland from September 2023 onwards.

The choice of an Irish word for the name of this new support service represents the fundamental significance of the Irish language for our students and schools in our educational system. Oide is an Irish word meaning ‘teacher’ much like the Irish word ‘múinteoir’, but with a much older provenance. The term also has a broader meaning in the Irish language encompassing the roles of ‘tutor’, ‘instructor’ and ‘professor’. This rounded meaning of the word Oide in Irish reflects the broad and high standard of knowledge and skills the Oide had as a person renowned for their guidance, learning advice and teaching skills.

Our Mission

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Learning opportunities

Provide school leaders and teachers with accessible, inclusive, innovative and reflective professional learning opportunities which are quality assured.

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Empowering educators

Empower educators as career-long learners, ensuring coherence of provision across the teacher learning continuum responsive to the needs of all learners.


Learning supports

Engage in ongoing authentic evaluation of needs, priorities and services to strategically inform Oide’s professional learning supports.


High standards

Respond to and be accountable for ensuring trusted high standards across the service we provide.

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Our Principles

  • Recognise and support school leaders and teachers as agentic and committed professionals
  • Cultivate an ethos of continuous and shared professional learning
  • Promote inclusion, diversity and wellbeing as integral to all our activities
  • Create a culture of reflection, inquiry and purposeful collaboration
  • Align with national and international best practice to support induction, curriculum, pedagogy, leadership and school improvement
  • Empower a commitment to high standards and quality, driven by a focus on the learner
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