Professional Learning Materials

This section contains the professional learning materials and supporting resources which can be used to support individual and school-led professional development across all areas of Guidance.

Inclusion in Guidance


This online professional learning experience (PLE) explored inclusive practice for all students in Guidance. The workshop is tailored to supporting the social and personal, educational, and career guidance needs of all learners.

Case Studies and Padlet:

In the workshop, participants were asked to consider a number of fictional case studies and answer questions on a prompt sheet. The case studies could be used in school-led professional learning on inclusion in Guidance. The prompt questions my also be useful when considering the Guidance needs of students in your settings. The accompanying padlet is designed as a repository of further supports in the area of Inclusion in Guidance and is split into categories.

Links to the presentation and accompanying resources are available below.

Inclusion in Guidance Padlet:

Inclusion Padlet Image

Adapting and Managing Successful Transitions:

Additional Resources and Supports:

Whole School Guidance Planning

Overview of the Webinar Series:

This three-part webinar series explores whole school Guidance planning. Webinar 1 explores the collaborative whole school approach to Guidance planning and the shared responsibilities of various stakeholders. Webinar 2 explores whole school Guidance planning in more detail, and webinar 3 explores improvement planning for whole school Guidance.

Supporting Materials:

Recordings of the webinar are available below.

Slides, recordings and additional supports are available on the accompanying padlet below the webinar recordings.

Schools may wish to use the recordings and supporting materials for school-led professional learning.

Whole School Guidance Planning Webinars:

Additional Resources and Supports:

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